We’ve all heard of the offices that have ping pong tables, beer taps, free snacks, and fun office outings, but there are so many more perks that can play a role in overall employee satisfaction. Workplace culture plays a huge part in employee retention and job satisfaction, and while perks at work can include all of these fun things, they should also include good health benefits for your employees.


Competitive Health Plans

Choosing which health plan to offer to employees takes time and diligent research. One of the biggest issues amongst unhappy employees includes plans that are too expensive or offer too little coverage for their needs. They should be able to have options and customize their plan to fit their needs more closely. 


A good, competitive health plan can be the difference between someone accepting a new job or remaining at their existing job. This goes for small businesses too. Supporting your employees with a great health plan means you’re investing in them and their overall health, and that can go a long way.



Dental coverage is not always a guaranteed benefit included in most health plans. For the most part, employees find themselves having to register for their dental plan separately and sometimes even seek their own outside of the company. Without dental included in a medical health plan, premiums can run as high as $60 a month, compared to just $10 in some cases when enrolled under their overarching plan. Negotiating this into your plan can be a huge benefit to employees, one that they may not receive elsewhere. 


Family Benefits

While a great benefits package for your employees is an amazing perk, if those same benefits cannot extend to their families, it may not have the same appeal to them. Spouses often rely on their partner’s insurance, especially if one generally has a better plan than the other. Premiums can also vary from place to place and it can be much more affordable for spouses to be on one plan as opposed to two. The same goes for parents who need insurance for their children. Without these critical benefits, they may not be able to support their family in the way they need to, which can deter people from certain jobs.


Maternity leave, child care, and benefits for adoptive or foster parents are also becoming highly sought after benefits. Despite the legal obligation of 12 weeks of maternity leave mothers can receive, many end up having to dip into their own PTO or even take unpaid leave to extend that time. Companies that offer longer paid maternity leave or other family-related benefits may see much higher rates of employee retention.


Gym Benefits

Offering gym benefits is another perk that is becoming more common in today’s space. This perk, while not required, can be a huge employee retention booster. A common gym benefit can be something as simple as offering a discount or rebate of a certain amount ($20 or so) based on how many times they attend their local gym.


Mental Health Support

Mental health is just as critical as physical health and should be equally covered and supported. To support your employee’s mental health you can add coverage on your plans or even reimburse all or a portion of the employee’s mental health related appointments. Companies can also implement employee wellness programs that provide counseling services and other support options. Over recent years, this is a benefit that is becoming increasingly desirable for many employees.


To include these perks into your benefits packages you’ll need a customizable program and an easy to use menu so your employees can choose their benefits package without issue. BeneQuick offers all the tools and resources you need for a seamless open enrollment. Check out our solutions here!