Communicating your benefits’ open enrollment period is as important as ensuring everyone has the tools they need to enroll. Like most human resource departments, email is likely the most effective way to communicate upcoming enrollment changes and dates. That is why it’s very important to know how to write an effective open enrollment communication that reads well, contains all necessary information, and answers all of your employees’ questions quickly. We have a few tips that have shown success in getting those very important emails sent, and more importantly, read.


Write Powerful Subject Lines

The subject line is the first impression of the email, so it’s important to make sure your subject lines are not only clear but iterates urgency if necessary. Using strong words like “urgent”, “attention”, “time-sensitive”, or “immediate” can help make sure employees open and read the message.


Address Q&As Right Away

If employees have been sending in questions prior to enrollment and you see a recurring theme it’s important to address those questions right away in the intro of your email. Your goal as the HR manager is to make sure everyone is clear on what they need for enrollment and to help get their questions answered. What better way than to insert a bolded Q&A in the intro of your enrollment communication?


Assign a Main Communication Representative

With something as time-sensitive as open enrollment, fast response times are more important than ever. One way to ensure a fast response time is to assign a dedicated communication representative that will serve as the main point of contact for any responses to open enrollment emails. They can answer any questions coming in, explain any details, and manage the email schedule. A single point of contact will be more organized with their responses and also provide better clarity to any questioning employee, rather than multiple different representatives. 


Utilize Effective Communication Tools 

Some of the jargon used to describe topics around insurance and benefits can be complicated to understand. Try to write your communications in the most simplified yet effective format possible to ensure everyone will understand your message.


You also want your email to be as concise and readable as possible. Make sure to write it in scannable sections that are able to be read quickly and easily. Using elements like bullet points is a great way to call out the most important pieces in a digestible format.


Include Info on Relevant Topics

Open enrollment is obviously the main point of your messaging, however, including news articles or links to relevant topics can also add another helpful layer to your email and may increase the open rate. Allow your company to also be a resource for employees during enrollment season, so they feel ready and comfortable to enroll. 


Make Benefits Emails Fun

And last but not least, make it fun! The open enrollment period can be a stressful time for many, so keep things lighthearted and fun to alleviate any stress or worry.


Now that you have your email communication planned, head over to BeneQuick to get your customizable benefits enrollment platform put together and ready for open enrollment 2021.