2021 open enrollment is here. If you’re working with our BeneQuick benefits enrollment portal, we’re going to walk you through the steps it takes for your employees to enroll. We have built our platform to be as user-friendly as possible and with a minimal learning curve to make enrolling easier for all. 


We’ve worked with hundreds of Payers and Providers across the United States and have built a process that works for everyone. Our clients saw faster turnaround times and an increase in capabilities, and love the comprehensive open enrollment process BeneQuick offers. So let’s get into the basics.




Step 1: Setup An Account

When you get to the enrollment login page, sign in if you have an existing account and have enrolled using the platform before. Otherwise, you will click “sign up existing member” to set up an account. You will need a few key pieces of information to sign up for your BeneQuick account. You will enter your first and last name and the last four digits of your social security number.


Then, you will need your group number, which should be provided by your employer or broker (or whoever set up your BeneQuick portal). Your information should match up with what was put into the system via your employer.


Step 2: Verify Information

Once you have logged in, you will see a welcome screen that includes your personal details and enrollment eligibility. If this button is not available, check with your employer to get that sorted. Click the button under “Current Year” to begin. On the next page, confirm the effective date for your enrollment and click “next.”


Step 3: Name & Address Tab

On this page, you will find all personal and demographic information. This was pulled from the file uploaded to the portal. If anything is wrong, make sure that gets changed. Click “next” once everything is verified to be accurate.


Step 4: Dependents

Your file should have automatically uploaded any of your dependents you listed, and their name, age, DOB, etc. If you have no dependents, simply click “no dependents.” If it isn’t showing any or some of the dependents you have, simply uncheck “no dependents” and fill in that information. In addition, alert your employer of the error to make sure they have the right information on their end. Click “next.”


To add dependents, watch this video on how to add them to the system.


Step 5: Medical Benefits

This next tab is where you will find any of the pre-loaded benefit plan information offered to you by your employer. This is where you can waive or elect your coverage. Waiving must be done if you are choosing not to sign up for insurance. Submit this during the open enrollment period as well.


When you click the plan you want to enroll in, it will show the monthly premium and pay-per-period totals. This tally will show at the top and will change as you add or waive other additional benefits throughout your enrollment. Once you’ve selected the one you want, click “next.”


Step 6: Dental Benefits

Waive your dental benefits, or select the plan you want to add. Click “next.”


Step 7: Vision Benefits

Waive your vision benefits, or select the plan you want to add. Click next. Note: You will see your dental and vision coverage costs added to that contributions total up at the top of your screen.


Step 8: Other Insurance

This page simply asks if your spouse or dependents have medical and dental insurance. Simply click “yes” if they do, “no” if they don’t. Click “next.”


Step 9: Employer Paid

This tab will show your employer-paid benefits, such as life insurance and short-term disability. It will list the totals and acts as an FYI, so you know what your coverage will be. Some employers offer multiple options for life and short-term disability coverage. You can make those selections or waivers at this stage. Click “next.”


Step 10: Supplemental Life Insurance

On this tab, you will simply waive or enroll in any supplemental life insurance coverage. Using a sliding scale, you can drag the amount of supplemental life insurance you’d like to add. You will see your contribution tally go up as you add more or less coverage. Once you’ve chosen the amount, click “next.”


Step 11: Spouse Life Benefit

This benefit will only show if you had a spouse indicated in your forms and information. You will add the amount you want here, or if you have no spouse, there will be no option to add. Click “next.”


Step 12: Beneficiaries.

Watch this video on how to add beneficiaries during this stage. Add them and click “next.”


Step 13: Review

The review tab will allow you to see everything you have entered thus far. It will show your personal information and demographics, as well as anything you’ve elected to enroll in so far. If anything looks incorrect, simply click the “edit” button below each section. Take some extra time on this page to ensure everything is accurate and how you want it to be. When you can confirm it’s complete, click complete enrollment.


Once you’ve completed your open enrollment for 2021, you will see a green success alert, and have the option to print, email, or download your health plan documents. And there you have it!


As you can see, BeneQuick makes the entire process, from beginning to end, as easy as can be. Congrats on enrolling in health insurance coverage for the year. If you have any questions regarding the platform or any issues, please don’t hesitate to call us at (651) 894-6400. Happy enrollment!