Finding great benefit enrollment companies is not as easy as it may seem. You need to find a solution that works for your organizational needs, makes enrollment easy for your employees and supports industry standards. The amount of benefit enrollment platforms is endless, and searching for one can be daunting. So, we’ve made it a little easier for you and found 6 of the best benefit enrollment platforms that can help your organization.



Many people may be familiar with Zenefits for its many platforms. Like a lot of the companies on this list, Zenefits offers HR services, time and scheduling, payroll, and benefits services. Their baseline plans are quite affordable and are great for small businesses. Plus, benefit enrollment and management is included in all of their plans.


As a bonus, they charge just $5 PEPM if you want to use their benefit management services but use your own broker over the one provided by Zenefits. The customization may be limited in certain aspects, but if you are already looking for a new HR service, their exclusive packages take care of your business needs.



iSolved has four main points that they focus on to ensure the best benefit enrollment platform for its users. They concentrate on simplified management, organized enrollment, being “life event wizards”, and providing full benefit-cost analysis. Simplifying a complex task like benefits enrollment for employees is a major reason organizations choose to hire a benefits enrollment company in the first place.


One of the most significant pain points in health insurance enrollment is doing it outside of the standard open enrollment period. iSolved knows all of the ins-and-outs of special enrollment periods and circumstances so your business can rest easy knowing everyone will be taken care of if they face a significant life event that requires new enrollment.



Gusto is an incredibly user-friendly, fully inclusive HR portal that offers HR services, payroll, time tools, onboarding for new hires, and easy benefits enrollment. With a fresh design, Gusto is excellent for businesses that just want a simple, easy-to-use platform. Their highly knowledgeable advisors can help teams get the exact benefits package that suits them and their budget. Gusto also works with most health insurance providers. Overall, they are great for small groups and businesses.



Paycor strives to automate employee benefits. Simplified and unified benefits enrollment, plus ongoing education for employees and managers, ensures a seamless process overall. Their real-time benefit analytics tracking helps to determine the best fit for current and future employees. The easy-to-use portal also allows everyone across the organization to view, manage, and change any information or benefits when they need to.



For those looking for seamless access to a benefits portal, plus a highly knowledgeable digital broker, Uzio might be the one. They are very broker-centric, which is great for some businesses that want to have a hands-off approach. With comprehensive dashboards, high visibility and control for brokers with a broker control hub — it couldn’t be easier. For the business who wants their benefits management to be as easy as possible, and let the experts handle it, it’s a great option.



And finally, we have BeneQuick, a benefits enrollment platform for those who just want benefit support. Their solutions cater to payers, employers, and brokers’ exact needs. For third-party administrators and payers, a simple self-service based platform gives them the power to get what they need done without any technical assistance. Employers get a clean, basic platform that makes their benefits management seamless while fitting into all of their existing workflows without issue. BeneQuick enrollment solutions for brokers give them every single tool they need to track, compare, and schedule reports as necessary.


For businesses that have their HR and payroll covered, BeneQuick is the exact tool that will fit into their existing business. The BeneQuick solutions provide one-on-one support to ensure the benefits enrollment and management platform works for you. To request a demo, simply contact us here, and we can get you started!